Personal Injury Claims Without Unfair Deductions

You have had the misfortune to suffer an injury or industrial disease (eg noise induced deafness, vibration white finger or dermatitis) but want a solicitor who will get the best result for you AND not take too much of your compensation.

Rest easy that Sentinels Solicitors provides a friendly, efficient and expert service – Senior Solicitors partners Vicky and Nick will be working your claim between us we have 50 years experience.  We carry out personal injury work on a no win no fee basis and never make unfair deductions from compensation.

Unfair deductions:

In case you want to understand what I mean by “unfair deductions” I set that our below:

  1. Many solicitors will look to take 25% of your compensation which is the maximum allowed but should not be automatic and may not be correct in your case.
  2. The 25% maximum of compensation is a cap on the success fee.
  3. The actual success fee is also a % (often set at 100%) is applied to your solicitor’s costs (not the compensation) but will be limited to 25% of the compensation.
  4. 100% is often unreasonable and along with the hourly rates applied and the time spent can be challenged in court.

To avoid unfair deductions when you have an accident claim call Nick or Vicky at Sentinels Solicitors, on 01925 759 510 or complete the enquiry form on the side of the page.

If you have already lost money from unfair deductions call us and we can check your claim and we may be able to recover some or all of your money on a no win no fee basis.

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