Is the 25% deduction from my compensation right?

I have blogged about this subject previously.  A 25% deduction is the first thing to trigger concerns.  Many people assume it is correct and that they have to pay something to their solicitor.

If you have a large claim that might settle for say £80,000 and have £20,000 deducted then this sounds a lot.

But in smaller claims the impact is often felt more eg a £4,000 settlement and £1,000 is deducted by your solicitor.

Things to do:

  1. try and find your no win no fee agreement, any terms of business or engagement letter you should have had from your solicitor.
  2. try and find the letters confirming the advice to settle the claim and what might be deducted from your compensation.
  3. It does not matter that you might have signed a form authorising the deduction from your compensation.  You can still claim a refund of some of this deduction.
  4. It is best to call Nick on 01925 759 510 for some free initial advice and if we take your claim on for a refund it is on a no win no fee basis.


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