I have not been paid for my goods or services, what can I do?

If you have supplied goods or services (whether fixing someone’s central heating or selling a kitchen or bag of sand) and have not been paid what you agreed you can take action.

The buyer is obliged to pay the agreed price unless they have good reason not to do so.  If they claim a reason they must communicate it.Business debts image

If you are in a dispute with your buyer and do not know where to turn next contact Nick at Sentinels.  I am an experienced solicitor who has experience in disputes both contractual and relating to negligence.

I understand small businesses and the need to take a commercial approach to do what is best for a business.  It may be that a letter from a solicitor is all it takes to get your money.  In other cases we may need to go further.

Suing the buyer for breach of contact is usually the last resort and if you want to avoid legal proceedings there are alternatives such as mediation or adjudication.  I would be happy to explore these with you.

For debts up to £10,000 any claim in the courts would be in the small claims court.  You would not be exposed to the costs of the other side if you lost your case but you would not be able to recover anything other than very limited fixed legal costs if you won.  Sentinels are experienced in working on a no win no fee basis and I would be happy to consider your claim on this basis.

If you just want an informal chat call me on the number or leave a message via the contact form.

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