Driving licence points and disqualification

Most of us have had points on our driving licence at some point in our lives.  If you have a string of minor offences such as speeding the fixed penalty 3 points can add up and once you have 12 points you are at risk of getting what is called a “totting up” ban.

There are ways to reduce the risk of this happening and other ways to try and avoid a ban even if the points have added up.

  1. Consider whether you have a defence to the charge;
  2. Check whether you are eligible for speed or driver awareness course which can avoid penalty points going on your licence.
  3. If you have a so many points that any further points would take you over the 12 point limit consider asking the magistrates to impose a short ban for the offence that might take you over 12 instead of penalty points.
  4. The starting point for going over 12 points is a 6 month ban.  But if losing your licence would cause “exceptional hardship” on persons dependent on you those arguments can be made and whilst the points would still go on your licence you would not be banned.  Once made, the same exceptional hardship arguments cannot be made for the next 3 years.

We can offer advice and representation at the magistrates on pleas of mitigation, exceptional hardship and special reasons starting at £500 plus VAT and travel expenses to and from court.

For advice call Nick on 01925 759510.

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