Dermatitis claims

Have you got a rash from working with chemicals or other substances?

If so, you may have a claim for dermatitis or other condition.  We have had many clients who suffered dermatitis whilst working in the fibreglass industry.

We have pursued successful claims against PPG Industries (UK) Ltd whose Wigan factory has now been taken over by Electric Glass Fiber (UK) Ltd a subsidiary of Nippon Electric Glass.

We recommend you keep a record of your rash – where it is, how bad it is with photographs and what aggravates it.

In bad cases you can be prevented from working in certain industries and become sensitised to the irritant or chemical.  You can also be prevented from working in the food industry if you have had a skin condition in the past.

Call us now to discuss your injuries and whether you can make a claim 01925 759 510 or fill in the contact form at the edge of the page.  All work is on a no win no fee basis – with no unfair deductions!

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