Burgess Williams Financial Management Limited, La Perla No. 1, AIS

We have represented several clients who were given inappropriate investment advice by this independent financial advisor (Paul Chandler and his colleagues).

The investments have often been in property schemes abroad that have not performed as promised and cannot then be sold or cashed in.

Investments we have seen that have been held to be inappropriate for many investors are La Peral No 1 Limited and AIS.

Burgess Williams Financial Management Ltd has now been liquidated and so claims cannot be pursued against it.  However, if you have received inappropriate or negligent advice you can still claim against the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) and we have successfully represented clients making such claims.

The FSCS limit is £50,000 including interest.

Call Nick on 01925 759 510, I am a senior solicitor who will do my best to recover your loss.

Improvements not required. Sentinels Solicitors are excellent. They are efficient and extremely helpful. I fully recommend them and will use their services again. R.T. Surrey 07.09.19

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