Accidents involving uninsured or untraced drivers

Have you been involved in a road traffic accident where the other driver is uninsured or a hit and run where they are untraced?

You might have been a cyclist hit by a larger vehicle whose driver was unaware of the collision and carried on regardless.

If you have been injured or have damaged property and the other driver was at fault you can still claim.

Even if the other vehicle left the scene without you being able to get the vehicle registration number or they gave a false name and address and so are uninsured, you can still make a claim.

The Motor Insurer’s Bureau (MIB) deal with claims where the other driver is uninsured or is untraced.

You should do your best to identify the vehicle and driver involved if possible.

If you need further information or to speak to a solicitor specialising in these claims please do not hesitate to contact Nick on 01925 759 510.

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