Fibreglass and glass fibre/needle stick injuries

If you work with fibre glass and have had a glass fibre stick into your hand because the gloves were not adequate or you were not provided with gloves or adequate training you may be able to claim for your injuries.

The fibre can pierce your glove and skin and then break off in your body.  You may need a minor operation to remove the embedded fibre.

In the manufacture of fibreglass molten glass can harden to create a hypodermic syringe like needle that can become embedded in your body and then break off.

We have extensive experience in these types of claim.Fibreglass or glass fibres - embedded fibres

You may have been using some fibreglass product which has broken exposing sharp shards of glass fibres that cause injury.

If this happened you ought to take pictures of the broken item and keep it safe for inspection.   You should also take pictures of the injury and then see you GP or go to A&E for treatment.  If there is any scarring caused by a cut or by any surgery you can claim for this on top of the injury itself.

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