Burn injuries


Burns can be extremely painful more so than cuts and cause permanent scarring and can sometimes cause life changing injuries or death.

In a case in December 2014 a business was fined when a petrol tanker exploded as the workers opened it to clean it, the petrol had been dumped but the vapours were still present.  The 2 workers suffered extreme burns…read more.corrosive chemical - chemical burns


Other obvious sources are from hot machinery or liquids or other materials (for example in the bakery or catering industry).

Chemicals can also cause burns whether acid (for example sulphuric acid) or alkali (for example caustic soda).  Corrosive chemicals are often used in the cleaning industry and and breweries and drinks manufacture.

Molten plastic, metal or glass can also cause burns.

Molten glass is used in the manufacture of fibreglass.

Steps an employer ought to be taking

Adequate steps should be put in place by employers to protect workers from the risk of injury by adopting:

  1. a safe system of work including cleaning and bathing facilities to wash off contamination;
  2. using appropriate equipment and machinery and
  3. providing adequate personal protective equipment (“PPE”) whether gloves, face masks, protective suits.commercial kitchen picture


Compensation can be awarded

1. for the burn itself and the pain experienced

2.the size and affect if the residual scarring;

3. any loss of amenity caused by the burns or scarring (eg not being able to pursue work, everyday chores or hobbies/leisure pursuits)

4. any loss of earnings

5. any other financial losses


Seek medical advice (whether works first aid, GP, walk in centre or hospital).

It is helpful to take photographs of the burn where possible (this is particularly the case where the burn is relatively modest) and then to photograph the scars.

Where the burn is of modest size try to include something to give the burn/scar scale such as a 50p piece or tape measure.

If you want some informal advice or to take matters further do not hesitate to contact Nick or Vicky on the above number or fill out the contact form.


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