Noise Related Deafness

Noise imageExposure to high levels of noise can cause damage to the inner ear which results in deafness.

Common symptoms are:

(a) difficulties hearing conversations, radio or television when there is background noise.

(b) whistling, whooshing, ringing and buzzing noises in the ears (tinnitus).

In the mildest form it may be infrequent. However, it can be constantly present and can lead to clinical depression.

Industries where excessive noise is common include

the textile trade (eg weaving sheds such as Cautaulds)

large scale bakeries (Harvestime and Mapleleaf)

building sites (drills, cutting tools, pneumatic tools)

highways maintenance (pneumatic tools)

manufacturing (noisy machinery)

If you have to shout to be heard by your colleagues who are standing within a few feet it is probably too noisy!

If you have been issued with hearing protection (ear plugs or ear defenders) over the last few years it is probably noisy and you should possibly have been wearing them for longer.

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