Dermatitis and allergic skin conditions

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If you have a skin disorder which appears to have been caused or aggravated by your work you may be able to claim.

This could be a form of dermatitis and can lead to a permanent allergy to the irritant.

You may have been medically retired because of the condition and struggling to find alternative work (some food or catering jobs may not take you on if you have this condition).


Many industries use ingredients or chemicals which can cause skin problems.

EG fibreglass (or glass fibre) manufacture the ingredients in the molten glass can irritate the skin as can some of the chemicals in the binder which is applied to the glass fibres.

One of the substances which we have seen cause dermatitis in the fibreglass industry are epoxy resins.

Sometimes oils or dirt which you may be exposed to can irritate the skin and a lack of opportunities at work to wash properly can make matters worse.


Keep a note of symptoms such as rashes or itching and what might have caused them.

Report such symptoms to your supervisor or works doctor/nurse (as a failure then by your employer to take steps to prevent or reduce your exposure to those irritants can be a breach of their duty to provide you with a safe place of work).

Take photographs of the condition and note the date when the picture was taken.  Sometimes when you are off sick and away from the irritant the condition fades and pictures help to show the extent of your condition.


If you are concerned and want some advice call Nick or Vicky on 01925 759 510 or fill in the contact form.  Helping you get the best result is our aim.

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