Energy Contracts -Small Business Disputes

Consumers have many websites that search for energy deals (electricity or gas) for the best one and consumer protection laws to protect them if it goes wrong.

Businesses don’t have it so easy.  As a result, Businesses often have to use a broker or “third party intermediary” to search the market and negotiate terms for the supply.

This causes various problems such as Brokers not searching all the market because they focus on the supplier that pays the best commission.

Suppliers usually pay commission to the Brokers.  The Supplier passes this onto the business in some way such as an extra amount per energy unit.

Brokers are not always fully transparent in their advice.

These are usually fixed term contracts eg 2 or 5 years, with no obvious get out clause.  It is therefore critically important to get the right deal from the outset.

If you suspect that you have been mis-sold an energy contract by a supplier or broker you could have a claim and this might allow you to void the contract.

We can review your contract and the sales practice leading up to it and advise whether you have a claim.  Contact us on 01925 759 510.

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