SUCCESS Emsleys Solicitors Ltd agree to refund client nearly £1,500

We recently handled a claim for a client who had used Emsleys Solicitors to make a claim for injuries from a road traffic accident.

She had recovered £10,000 in compensation but had 25% of this amount (£2,500) taken by Emsleys as a success fee.

She instructed Sentinels Solicitors Ltd who sought a statute bill and when this was received we applied to have it assessed by the court with the aim of reducing the success fee % and also reducing the costs Emsleys were claiming to something reasonable.

Before we got that far Emleys made an offer to settle of a little under £1,500 which the client accepted.

If you have had a blanket 25% taken from your compensation settlement by your solicitors get in touch as we may be able to claim a refund for you.

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