Deafness and hearing problems in music and entertainment

If you work or worked in the music, entertainment or even the fitness (eg aerobic)  industry where you have been exposed to high levels of noise (usually music or pyrotechnics) for prolonged periods and suffer from deafness, ringing or buzzing in your ears (tinnitus) or impaired hearing your hearing problems could have been caused by that exposure.

The music and entertainment industries often have high levels of noise and loud special effects as part of the experience in places such as bars, nightclubs, orchestras, theatres and recording studios.  But loud noise can damage hearing which can be permanent, irreversible and causes deafness.  Hearing aids cannot reverse it. Performers and other workers in music and entertainment are just as likely to have their hearing permanently damaged as workers in other industries.

Your employer must comply with various regulations to minimise the impact of injury from this exposure and if they have not done so you may be able to claim.  The regulations are not there to stifle art and expression but to ensure the safety of the workers in that industry and there are lots of measures which can be taken to reduce the risk of injury.

You may be a performer or artist or work as part of a crew back stage or front of house as security or even ancillary workers serving drinks or selling merchandise.

Even if you no longer work in the industry the damage could have been done several years ago and you can still claim.

If you suffer any of these problems and wish to discuss your problems call Vicky, Adele or Nick now.

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