How to claim compensation for flight delay and cancellations

If your flight out of Europe on any airline or into Europe on a European Airline has been:

  1. Delayed by 3 hours or more; OR
  2. Cancelled; OR
  3. Re-routed; OR
  4. You were denied boarding; OR
  5. Missed your connection.

You may be entitled to claim up to €600 per person (depending on the distance of the original flight).

Even if your flight is delayed for over 2 hours you should be entitled to various things such as food, refreshments, communication and possibly also transfer costs and accommodation.  If the airline does not provide these and you pay yourself – KEEP THE RECEIPTS and you should be able to re-claim the costs.

The delay is measured at the final destination so if you miss a transfer because of a delay of less than 3 hours but end up arriving more than 3 hours after the scheduled time you can still claim.

Overbooked flights are common and if everyone turns up some people will be denied boarding.  If this is you claim your rightful compensation.

Some say to claim from the airlines will lead to increased ticket prices in the future.  Research has shown that based on the current level of claims the cost is as little as 60 pence per ticket sold and even if everyone claimed everything they were entitled to (which never happens!) the cost would only be £2.50 per ticket.

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