Check your legal fees by calling Sentinels Solicitors

A Success Fee is the money your solicitor usually takes from your compensation at the end of your claim.

In personal injury claims it cannot be more than 25% of your compensation but in many cases it need not even by that much.

Many solicitors take 25% of your compensation (also known as damages) automatically.  This may be too much.

We can check whether you have been overcharged your success fee or had too much taken from your compensation.  Call us on 01925 759 510 or complete the attached contact form for further help.

Many solicitors also charge an insurance fee for taking out legal costs insurance.  If you did not request this or were not informed of this cost at the time you should not have to pay it and may be able to claim it back.

We can claim your money back if you have been charged too much – see our page here.

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