I have been bitten by a dog whilst out canvassing for the election

You may not have been out canvassing, although this Election has seen more than 1 candidate being bitten by a home owners’ dog, but if you have visited someone’s house, whether to post a letter or knock on their door and have been bitten by their dog you are entitled to claim for the injuries suffered and any other associated damage such as ripped clothing.

The homeowner has an obligation to keep their dog under control and if it causes someone injury they should be liable. They are likely to have insurance that would cover the claim.  Whether your injury is minor or serious you are still entitled to claim.

If you  have had the misfortune of being bitten or attacked by a dog call Nick for free initial legal advice and I can help you take your claim forward.  Use the telephone number at the top of this page or the contact form to the side.  I am here to help you.

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