Accidents at work deadline

If you have been injured in an accident at work that was not your fault there are new rules that are planned for 1st May 2021 that could seriously affect your ability to find a solicitor to take on your claim and cause the costs you have to pay to increase.

The Government is planning to increase the small claims limit for personal injuries in accidents at work (for most people) to £2,000 (currently this is £1,000).  This means that many claims (as many injuries are worth less than £2,000) will be dealt with in the Small Claims Track of the County Court.

Crucially, in small claims you do not recover your legal costs even if you win the case.  Therefore you have to pay your legal costs or do it yourself.

The claims will also have to be made through an online portal which is created by the insurance companies who will be paying your claim (or not as the case may be).

The rules have still not been published so it is not clear exactly how it will run.

To avoid the risk of being caught by the new rules we recommend you make your claim now and would urge you to complete the contact us form or call us on 01925 759 510.

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