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Reclaim AA membership fees

I recently claimed a full refund of my AA membership fees since I joined.

The fees were increasing significantly year on year without any notification of the increasing fees.  I had joined in 2010 and not had to call the AA at all.

My first year membership cost £69 then the next year it went up to £114.

The rate of increase was also increasing each year so my basic package was going up by £15 to £20 each year.

I have moved house shortly after joining and sent notification of the new address but the renewal notices did not reach my new address.

I sent an email complaining about the lack of renewal notices, the large jump in membership after the first year and the ever increasing fees each year.

I then got a call from the AA.  They stated quite clearly that the first year for new members is a cheaper rate to hook new people in and this was then increased for subsequent years.  He went on to say I was free to call them if I was not happy with the fee and could ask for a reduction.  He accepted that I had not received the renewal notices and so was not easily in a position to call in to negotiate a lower fees.

When asked what I wanted from my complaint I said a refund of some of the fees over and above the introductory rate as I had not been given an opportunity to negotiate a reduction or shop around.  The AA rep then offered to refund me the whole amount since I joined in 2010 but said this would mean cancelling my membership.

Of course I was happy to accept this offer and the refund was processed within days.  I will now look for more competitive breakdown cover.

I don’t know whether it was because I am a solicitor or whether the AA knew they had not been as organised as they should have been but it was a quick and acceptable solution.

If you have AA or other major breakdown cover and have not checked your renewal rates it is worth doing so as you may be entitled to a refund or some or all of your membership fee.  If you need any advice about this or wish to send your request via a solicitor to see if this gets a quicker and more favourable response get in touch by calling me (Nick) on 01925 759 510 or completing the contact form on the right of this page.


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