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Civil Court Fee Refund Scheme

The Ministry of Justice has said it will create a scheme for claimants who have overpaid court fees.  If your claim proceeds through the online Claims Portal (as most injury claims for less than £25,000 will) and you cannot reach a settlement you proceed to what is called Stage 3.  This involves issuing a Part […]

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How to Claim a refund of the court fee for registering Powers of Attorney

If you have registered a power of attorney between 1st April 2013 and 31st Match 2017 and paid a fee you should be entitled to a refund of some of the fee paid. This is meant to be a straight forward process and can be done online here. This is one of many court fees […]

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Government proposals to reduce compensation for whiplash

The Government are pushing through a bill at the moment that will reduce the compensation people can recover for whiplash sustained in a road traffic accident. Read more here. For example the bill proposes the following and I give an indication of what the Courts would give (based on their Guidance in the Judicial Studies […]

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The Furniture Ombudsman

The Furniture Ombudsman is an organisation who offers an alternative form of dispute resolution to the going to court.  Its website claims it is an “independent, not-for-profit organisation set up in 1992 to deal with and resolve disputes between consumers and traders in the retail, furniture, and home improvement industries.” It’s decisions will bind retailers […]

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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning and Faulty Gas Boilers, Cookers or Fires

What is Carbon Monoxide poisoning? Faulty gas boilers, cookers or fires can produce carbon monoxide which is a poisonous and unfortunately an odourless gas. Carbon monoxide is produced when the gas in your boiler, cooker or fire is not being burned completely and can happen if it is not fitted or maintained properly. Carbon monoxide […]

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Bus Crash Manchester City Centre Injury Claims

Two double decker buses crashed in Manchester during rush hour this morning. Reports suggest that several passengers have unfortunately been injured. First and foremost, we wish all injured passengers a full and speedy recovery but if anyone injured needs legal advice in making a claim call Nick or Vicky at Sentinels Solicitors. We are 2 […]

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Accidents and Injury caused by snow and ice

The Highways Act 1980 does place a duty on Highways Authorities to keep roads and pavements free from obstruction from ice and snow (as well as other obstructions) but the Authority can defend the claim if it can show that it did not have sufficient resources to do so. The factors the court can consider […]

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Legal Action!

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Hearing Problems, Deafness or Tinnitus at New York Bakery Company Ltd, Maple Leaf Bakery UK Ltd and Harvestime Ltd

New York Bakery Ltd used to be called Maple Leaf Bakery UK Ltd and before that Canada Bread UK Ltd. It also took over the business of another large bakery company Harvestime Ltd in around 2005. They operate many sites around the UK. One of their sites was at Raleigh Street, Walsall. These sites are […]

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La Perla No 1 Ltd, Burgess Williams Financial Management Ltd and Paul Chandler

La Perla No 1 Ltd was a company that invested in Spanish property developments. Paul Chandler was a director of La Perla No 1 Ltd. Unfortunately, La Perla No 1 Ltd has now been dissolved and investors are unlikely to recoup any of their investment from this company. La Perla No 1 Ltd has been […]

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