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Burgess Willaims Financial Management Ltd and La Perla No 1 Ltd

We have recently concluded a claim against the above companies for a client who was advised by Burgess Williams Financial Management Ltd to transfer his personal pension into a fund largely invested in La Perla No 1 Ltd a company that invested in overseas (particularly Spanish) property developments.  Burgess Williams Financial Management Ltd was found […]

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British Steel Pensions Misselling

As the British Steel Pension Scheme comes to a close many financial advisors and pension brokers are trying to sell new products to the British Steel Pension Scheme members. The Financial Conduct Authority and Pensions Regulator are looking closely at these firms. Active Wealth UK is one such firm which agreed to suspend new pension […]

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Missold Life Insurance

You may have been missold life insurance especially if you took out an endowment mortgage. These are often expensive policies (sometimes £150 + per month) and you would have been able to obtain the same or better terms for a fraction of the price (often around £5-£10 per month). There is no legal requirement to […]

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5 things to do if you think you have been missold PPI and something extra

Here are 5 things to do if you think you have been missold PPI: Gather your financial documents together eg loan or credit card statements, any terms and conditions and emails or letters from the bank or credit card company. Complete as much as possible the PPI-consumer-questionnaire.  Include as much detail to help identify you […]

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Housing disrepair claims – Top 10 action list

Who can claim? Tenants (or anyone affected such as visitors to the property) who have suffered injuries or losses caused by the poor state of their property can claim against their landlord for compensation. The defects can be things like damp, mould and mildew or damage to the walls or other structure of the house […]

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Personal Injury Compensation To Be Ignored For Local Authority Funding for Social Care

The High Court says that personal injury compensation should be ignored when the Local Authority considers your funding needs for social care. Wokingham Council tried to argue that a person’s personal injury settlement should be included in her list of assets when deciding whether she was entitled to funding for social care.  The Local Government […]

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Pothole Damage

Has your car, motorbike or bike suffered pothole damage? Have you or any passengers in your car been injured by driving or riding over a pothole? Councils and highway authorities have been starved of cash for proper investment in the roads and this has left us with many potholes which can be deep and cause […]

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Tumble Dryer damage – Whirlpool, Hotpoint, Creda and Indesit

About 5 million dryers sold by Whirlpool, Creda, Hotpoint and Indesit between 2004 and September 2015 could be at risk of causing a fire. Whirlpool bought the Creda, Hotpoint and Indesit brands in 2014.  Since then a series of domestic fires has triggered warnings and alerts although Whirlpool have recommended repairs rather than issue a […]

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Pharmacy mistakes – right prescription wrong drugs

There has been a recent television programme about the tragic (and in three cases fatal) consequences of pharmacists making mistakes when packaging and giving out drugs.  The programme focussed on one of the major high street brands but the problems could arise in any pharmacy when staffing issues leave pharmacists overstretched. You may have got […]

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Was my annuity missold?

The Financial Conduct Authority launched an investigation into annuity misspelling in 2014.  Since then Aviva has already started to compensate some of its customers but this is thought to be the tip of the iceberg and Standard Life had to set aside £175m earlier this year to compensate customers. An annuity is what you buy […]

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