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Knightsbridge Financial Management Limited and Terence Brimble

Knightsbridge Financial Management Limited was a company providing financial advice through its directors and financial advisors Terence Brimble and Paul Jansen. In December 2016 Mr Brimble and Mr Jansen applied for the company to be struck off the register. They later resolved to place the company into liquidation. The liquidators concluded that there are unsecured creditors with claims totalling over £1m and no prospect of recovery.

Some of the advice given by Mr Brimble and Knightsbridge Financial Management Ltd was challenged by some of their customers as being unsuitable and inappropriate but they were unable to take steps to secure compensation from the company because it was in liquidation. It was reported in the Sunday Times that at least 2 of these customers successfully claimed compensation from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme up to its maximum of £50,000 for investments.

Meanwhile, in June 2016 (prior to the application to strike off Knightsbridge Financial Management Ltd) Mr Brimble and Mr Jansen set up a separate company, Knightsbridge Personal and Corporate Solutions LLP, through which to provide financial advice. Confusingly this second company has been noted by the Financial Conduct Authority as being an “Appointed Representative” of Knightsbridge Financial Management Ltd. The FCA website states that an “Appointed Representative”: “This is a firm or individual that can act on behalf of another firm (its principal) that is authorised in the UK or regulated in another EEA country. The principal is responsible for the appointed representative’s activities.”

If you have been advised by Terry Brimble or Paul Jansen through Knightsbridge Financial Management Ltd and have lost your investment you may have a claim to the Financial Compensation Scheme (FCSC). We can help you make your claim.

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