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Government proposals to reduce compensation for whiplash

The Government are pushing through a bill at the moment that will reduce the compensation people can recover for whiplash sustained in a road traffic accident.

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For example the bill proposes the following and I give an indication of what the Courts would give (based on their Guidance in the Judicial Studies College Guidelines):

3 months whiplash Government propose £225   It would currently attract around £2,150.

The maximum allowable would be for a 2 year period for which the Government proposal is £3,725 whereas such an injury today would attract an award of around £6,920.

If your injury lasts longer than 2 years it seems that’s tough.

The amounts of compensation for injuries have been regularly reviewed by a panel of judges, solicitors and barristers.  They are also tested in court on a frequent and regular basis and many reports made of the amounts awarded.  This has been the way for over 100 years.

If you feel strongly that this is the wrong approach for politicians to set amounts of compensation that suit their insurance company lobbyists you should contact your MP and ask that they oppose this Bill.

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