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Holiday Sickness Claims and Package Travel Regulations

If you or anyone in your travel group was made ill on your holiday, whether through food poisoning or some other infection you may be able to claim for your injuries, any financial losses and your spoiled holiday. Your holiday has to be a package holiday under the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours […]

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Defective products mountain bike and car cause serious injury and damage

In Ide v ATB Sales Ltd (2008) an experienced mountain biker was riding a trail when his handlebars snapped causing him to fall from his bike and suffer serious injuries.  No one actually saw the accident but his friends who were riding with him and arrived to see him lying by his bike gave evidence. […]

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Holiday company failures

If you went on holiday and it didn’t meet your expectations you may be able to claim the cost of your holiday and compensation under the Package Holiday Regulations (The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992). You may found your hotel half built or bought a sporting holiday and there were no instructors, equipment […]

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Package holiday sickness or illness claims

If you or anyone in your family or group have suffered a bout of illness or injury whilst on holiday you may be able to claim compensation for your illness/injury, financial loss and maybe the cost of the holiday.  If your holiday was spoiled for another reason such as the hotel not being fit for you […]

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Tories remove workers rights

The Conservatives have achieved a lot in a single term to reduce workers’ rights, health and safety and make achieving access to justice harder.  (see Hazards)  What next?   Share This!

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Debt recovery

Many small and medium sized businesses rely on cash flow to survive and thrive.  Recent studies have shown that more than £30 billion is owed to small and medium sized enterprises and over 75% are having to wait over 1 month for payment. Sometimes a firmly worded letter from a solicitor can encourage a debtor […]

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Missold investments, Cliquet and other structured investment products

In June 2014 the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has fined both Credit Suisse International (CSI) and Yorkshire Building Society (YBS) for failing to ensure financial promotions for CSI’s Cliquet Product were clear, fair and not misleading. CSI was fined £2,398,100 and YBS was fined £1,429,000. The Cliquet Product is a ‘capital protected’ 4, 5 or […]

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Have you been injured whilst using gym equipment?

Gyms ought to carry out an induction when you first join.  You may have signed an agreement which includes small print that seeks to exclude any liability for injuries, however, such exclusion clauses are not enforceable by the gym so they are meaningless. However, injuries can still occur even if you have been using the gym […]

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Section 75 and 75A Consumer Credit Act Claims

Section 75 If you have bought goods or services for between £100 and £30,000 and paid for any part of the purchase price on your credit card the credit card company is jointly liable for the whole purchase price if the supplier goes bust or otherwise fails to deliver what you agreed to buy. You do […]

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I logged my claim with a claims management company and nothing has happened

Claims Management Companies (CMCs) are organisations that are simply there to advertise for your claim, they would then take your details and possibly also some details of your claim and try and sell these details on to firms of solicitors who would then represent you in that claim.  They are not solicitors and are unlikely to […]

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