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Calling all shareholders of La Perla No 1 Limited

Shares in La Perla No 1 Limited – the Spanish property company are now worthless as the company has been declared insolvent and been struck off. If you bought shares on the advice of an Independent Financial Advisor (perhaps Burgess Williams Financial Management Limited) you may be able to claim compensation up to the value […]

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Is the 25% deduction from my compensation right?

I have blogged about this subject previously.  A 25% deduction is the first thing to trigger concerns.  Many people assume it is correct and that they have to pay something to their solicitor. If you have a large claim that might settle for say £80,000 and have £20,000 deducted then this sounds a lot. But […]

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Data breach compensation claims

How to claim compensation for data breaches. The General Data Protection Regulations GDPR are EU regulations brought into force in this country by the Data Protection Act 2018. If your data has been disclosed without the necessary permission or justifiable reason you may have a claim for compensation. Compensation for data breach is usually in […]

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Check the deductions from my compensation

Have you been paid compensation for personal injuries? Did your solicitor take some (usually 25%) of your compensation? You may be entitled to a refund! Since 2013 solicitors have often been deducting 25% from their client’s compensation.  EG your claim settled for £4,000 they have deducted £1,000. They may have also taken a premium of […]

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Check your legal fees by calling Sentinels Solicitors

A Success Fee is the money your solicitor usually takes from your compensation at the end of your claim. In personal injury claims it cannot be more than 25% of your compensation but in many cases it need not even by that much. Many solicitors take 25% of your compensation (also known as damages) automatically.  […]

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Dermatitis claims

Have you got a rash from working with chemicals or other substances? If so, you may have a claim for dermatitis or other condition.  We have had many clients who suffered dermatitis whilst working in the fibreglass industry. We have pursued successful claims against PPG Industries (UK) Ltd whose Wigan factory has now been taken […]

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Energy Contracts -Small Business Disputes

Consumers have many websites that search for energy deals (electricity or gas) for the best one and consumer protection laws to protect them if it goes wrong. Businesses don’t have it so easy.  As a result, Businesses often have to use a broker or “third party intermediary” to search the market and negotiate terms for […]

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Injuries from fibreglass – burns and embedded fibres

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Driving licence points and disqualification

Most of us have had points on our driving licence at some point in our lives.  If you have a string of minor offences such as speeding the fixed penalty 3 points can add up and once you have 12 points you are at risk of getting what is called a “totting up” ban. There […]

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London Capital and Finance Plc and Mini Bonds

London Capital and Finance Plc appointed administrators on 30-01-19.  The Administrators’ job is to act in the best interests of the creditors of the company (the people who the company owes money to). The directors of London Capital and Finance have confirmed that the company is insolvent. London Capital and Finance had been marketing for […]

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