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Civil Court Fee Refund Scheme

The Ministry of Justice has said it will create a scheme for claimants who have overpaid court fees.  If your claim proceeds through the online Claims Portal (as most injury claims for less than £25,000 will) and you cannot reach a settlement you proceed to what is called Stage 3.  This involves issuing a Part […]

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How to Claim a refund of the court fee for registering Powers of Attorney

If you have registered a power of attorney between 1st April 2013 and 31st Match 2017 and paid a fee you should be entitled to a refund of some of the fee paid. This is meant to be a straight forward process and can be done online here. This is one of many court fees […]

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Government proposals to reduce compensation for whiplash

The Government are pushing through a bill at the moment that will reduce the compensation people can recover for whiplash sustained in a road traffic accident. Read more here. For example the bill proposes the following and I give an indication of what the Courts would give (based on their Guidance in the Judicial Studies […]

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British Steel Pensions Misselling

As the British Steel Pension Scheme comes to a close many financial advisors and pension brokers are trying to sell new products to the British Steel Pension Scheme members. The Financial Conduct Authority and Pensions Regulator are looking closely at these firms. Active Wealth UK is one such firm which agreed to suspend new pension […]

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Pharmacy mistakes – right prescription wrong drugs

There has been a recent television programme about the tragic (and in three cases fatal) consequences of pharmacists making mistakes when packaging and giving out drugs.  The programme focussed on one of the major high street brands but the problems could arise in any pharmacy when staffing issues leave pharmacists overstretched. You may have got […]

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Holiday Sickness Claims and Package Travel Regulations

If you or anyone in your travel group was made ill on your holiday, whether through food poisoning or some other infection you may be able to claim for your injuries, any financial losses and your spoiled holiday. Your holiday has to be a package holiday under the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours […]

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Defective products mountain bike and car cause serious injury and damage

In Ide v ATB Sales Ltd (2008) an experienced mountain biker was riding a trail when his handlebars snapped causing him to fall from his bike and suffer serious injuries.  No one actually saw the accident but his friends who were riding with him and arrived to see him lying by his bike gave evidence. […]

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Holiday company failures

If you went on holiday and it didn’t meet your expectations you may be able to claim the cost of your holiday and compensation under the Package Holiday Regulations (The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992). You may found your hotel half built or bought a sporting holiday and there were no instructors, equipment […]

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Package holiday sickness or illness claims

If you or anyone in your family or group have suffered a bout of illness or injury whilst on holiday you may be able to claim compensation for your illness/injury, financial loss and maybe the cost of the holiday.  If your holiday was spoiled for another reason such as the hotel not being fit for you […]

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