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Category:Road traffic accidents

Accidents involving uninsured or untraced drivers

Have you been involved in a road traffic accident where the other driver is uninsured or a hit and run where they are untraced? You might have been a cyclist hit by a larger vehicle whose driver was unaware of the collision and carried on regardless. If you have been injured or have damaged property […]

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Bus Crash Manchester City Centre Injury Claims

Two double decker buses crashed in Manchester during rush hour this morning. Reports suggest that several passengers have unfortunately been injured. First and foremost, we wish all injured passengers a full and speedy recovery but if anyone injured needs legal advice in making a claim call Nick or Vicky at Sentinels Solicitors. We are 2 […]

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Accidents and Injury caused by snow and ice

The Highways Act 1980 does place a duty on Highways Authorities to keep roads and pavements free from obstruction from ice and snow (as well as other obstructions) but the Authority can defend the claim if it can show that it did not have sufficient resources to do so. The factors the court can consider […]

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Pothole Damage

Has your car, motorbike or bike suffered pothole damage? Have you or any passengers in your car been injured by driving or riding over a pothole? Councils and highway authorities have been starved of cash for proper investment in the roads and this has left us with many potholes which can be deep and cause […]

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Proposed increase to Small Claims Limit for Injuries

The Conservatives plan to increase the small claims limit for road traffic accidents to £5,000 and for all other accidents to £2,000.  These changes could come in by October 2018. This means that if the injuries you sustain in a road traffic accident are worth £5,000 or less (or in another type of accident £2,000 […]

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Unfair deductions from compensation

“My solicitor has taken 25% of my compensation is this right?” A 25% deduction from your compensation may be unfair or wrong even if you agreed to a 25% success fee in your “no win no fee agreement”. In personal injury claims, for all no win no fee agreements signed after 1st April 2013 the solicitor […]

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Cyclist found 25% to blame for riding in the middle of a narrow road

The Case A cyclist was riding along a single carriageway country lane (5m wide with no markings) in the middle of the road.  A vehicle approached from the opposite direction and had a clear view (60 metres) of the cyclist and time to stop.  The car did not stop but it did slow down to […]

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Cycling injuries and faulty or defective bike

As a keen cyclist I have had near misses with vehicles or defects in the road that have thrown me off balance.   I have had my fair share of accidents too but mine could only be blamed on my own slightly carefree riding style! Cycling accidents If you are knocked off balance or even off […]

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Don’t let your claim be “traded” between claims management companies and others

There are lots of adverts for injuries both on television, radio and cold callers and a clear business has built up around gathering YOUR these details and selling them on to other claims management companies or solicitors. You may be told you HAVE to use a particular firm of solicitors with which the claims management […]

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I logged my claim with a claims management company and nothing has happened

Claims Management Companies (CMCs) are organisations that are simply there to advertise for your claim, they would then take your details and possibly also some details of your claim and try and sell these details on to firms of solicitors who would then represent you in that claim.  They are not solicitors and are unlikely to […]

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