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Category:Flight delay cancellation

Ryanair Cancellations 2017

Today, on Breakfast the story about Ryanair’s cancellations was run.  During the story the presenter stated that for cancellations more than 2 weeks prior to the date of travel there was no compensation payable.  Whilst this is true for the EU compensation under EC Regulation 261/2004 (the well known compensation scheme for cancellations, delayed flights […]

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Many British Airways flights were cancelled and others suffered long delays last weekend following a major IT failure. Hundreds of flights out of Gatwick and Heathrow being cancelled or delayed. All passengers affected should be entitled to claim for financial loss and compensation. If your flight was delayed or cancelled have been unfortunate enough to […]

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The Retail Ombudsman has set out a specialist section to deal with airline disputes such as: • Denied boarding, flight delay or cancelled flights. • Damaged, lost or delayed luggage. • Destruction, damage or loss of items worn or carried by a passenger. • Problems faced by disabled passengers or passengers with reduced mobility. • […]

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Court rules 6 years for flight delay claims NOT the 2 years in the contract terms

In Goel and Trivedi v Ryanair, Ryanair tried to argue that their terms and conditions limited any claims for flight delay compensation to 2 years from the date of the flight.  This was held to be valid in a county court decision but when that was appealed, Manchester High Court ruled that the 2 year […]

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These airlines have been delaying dealing with claims for delayed flights arguing that they want to wait for a decision to be made in a case proceeding in the European Court (Van der Lans v KLM).  Jet2 have recently tried to extend a stay (putting the case on hold) for this reason in Allen v Jet2 […]

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Flight delay – technical fault not extraordinary circumstance and time limit 6 years not 2 says Supreme Court

Following a Jet 2 flight being delayed the airline was ordered to pay compensation to Mr Huzar.  It had argued that the delay was due to a technical fault and so was due to an extraordinary circumstance.  If its argument had succeeded the passengers would not be entitled to the compensation normally payable under the […]

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Flight delay claims on hold pending Supreme Court decision

Many claims for flight delays have been put on hold by the courts pending the outcome of an appeal in a case of Huzar v Jet2.  The issue being appealed is whether a technical fault with the aircraft that the airline was not aware of and which causes the delay can be treated as an […]

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EC Regulation 261/2004 Flight Delay Claims 6 Year Time Limit

You can now claim compensation for delayed flights and other types of claim under EC Regulation 261/2004 up to 6 years from the date of travel, so ruled the Court of Appeal ruled on 19-06-14.  Thomson Airlines tried to argue that the correct period was 2 years under the Montreal Convention but this was rejected. […]

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How to claim compensation for flight delay and cancellations

If your flight out of Europe on any airline or into Europe on a European Airline has been: Delayed by 3 hours or more; OR Cancelled; OR Re-routed; OR You were denied boarding; OR Missed your connection. You may be entitled to claim up to €600 per person (depending on the distance of the original flight). […]

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