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Category:fall from height

Proposed increase to Small Claims Limit for Injuries

The Conservatives plan to increase the small claims limit for road traffic accidents to £5,000 and for all other accidents to £2,000.  These changes could come in by October 2018. This means that if the injuries you sustain in a road traffic accident are worth £5,000 or less (or in another type of accident £2,000 […]

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Fairground ride injuries

Fairgrounds are full of machinery that can cause significant injury or even be fatal.  Whilst no one wants to spoil anyone’s fun or enjoyment of a day out with unnecessary “elf and safety” (health and safety as some detractors like to say) a serious accident would certainly spoil the fun and could have long term […]

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Falling from height whilst working on ladders, roofs or scaffold is all too common and the injuries can be serious and sometimes fatal.  The construction industry and ancillary trades often require workers to work at height. Employers have strict obligations to ensure the safety of their workforce even if the work is “off site” which […]

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Contractor and Client fined for fall from height

An employee of a roofing contractor fell through a concrete roof on a warehouse in Poole recently suffering severe injuries. The Health and Safety Executive prosecuted the roofing contractor and the owner of W & S Recycling who ran his recycling business from there and had contracted for the works to be done. Share This!

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