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Category:Business debts

New way of resolving a wide variety of consumer trader disputes

An EU Directive has introduced new rights for consumers to seek redress in disputes with various traders for defective or otherwise inadequate goods or services. This is aimed at avoiding using the courts by using an Alternative Dispute Resolution process instead. Traders should be setting out in their terms which trade body they are a […]

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Disputes involving – Furniture, home improvement and floor covering retailers

If you have purchased furniture, had home improvements carried out (eg new kitchen, bathroom, fitted wardrobes etc) or had flooring fitted (eg laminate or solid wood floors) and the products or services were defective or otherwise poor there are several options available to you to seek redress. Options for seeking redress (1) The first option […]

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Debt recovery

Many small and medium sized businesses rely on cash flow to survive and thrive.  Recent studies have shown that more than £30 billion is owed to small and medium sized enterprises and over 75% are having to wait over 1 month for payment. Sometimes a firmly worded letter from a solicitor can encourage a debtor […]

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Claims under Section 75 and 75A of the Consumer Credit Act

I have blogged about this before here but this is worth keeping an eye on, especially section 75A which is often overlooked. Where you have paid for something wholly or partially on your credit card (total value between £100 and £30,000 – section 75) or bought larger items or services under a finance agreement (between […]

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How to enforce Financial Ombudsman Awards

I have blogged about this before here.  Enforcing an Ombudsman’s decision in court is necessary when the company does not do or pay what the Ombudsman has decided or awarded. This is particularly so in these times where the financial sector is coming under more scrutiny and criticism than ever (and rightly so in my […]

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Financial products undisclosed commission

If you have taken out insurance (eg PPI or personal protective insurance) or some other financial product and were not informed of the company who sold you the product being paid a commission or even if you were aware of the existence of a commission but were not told the size of it you may […]

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I have not been paid for my goods or services, what can I do?

If you have supplied goods or services (whether fixing someone’s central heating or selling a kitchen or bag of sand) and have not been paid what you agreed you can take action. The buyer is obliged to pay the agreed price unless they have good reason not to do so.  If they claim a reason […]

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Section 75 Consumer Credit Act

Under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, the credit card company is jointly and severally liable for any breach of contract or misrepresentation by the retailer or trader you have bought goods or services from. If the trader has failed to deliver the goods or services you paid for, gone bust, or what they […]

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Have a dispute but don’t want to go to court?

If you have a dispute and are either owed money, goods or services or to just put “things right” if you have had a poor service or product but don’t want to go to court with the uncertainty over how long it will take or how much it will cost, there are alternatives. Sentinels Solicitors […]

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Disputes with your bank or insurance company

If you have a disagreement with your bank or insurance company you should first contact that bank or insurance company setting out your complaint.  They should have a process for dealing with customer complaints.  This could be on their website or in there terms and conditions (usually near the end) which should be on their […]

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