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Proposed increase to Small Claims Limit for Injuries

The Conservatives plan to increase the small claims limit for road traffic accidents to £5,000 and for all other accidents to £2,000.  These changes could come in by October 2018. This means that if the injuries you sustain in a road traffic accident are worth £5,000 or less (or in another type of accident £2,000 […]

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Unfair deductions from compensation

“My solicitor has taken 25% of my compensation is this right?” A 25% deduction from your compensation may be unfair or wrong even if you agreed to a 25% success fee in your “no win no fee agreement”. In personal injury claims, for all no win no fee agreements signed after 1st April 2013 the solicitor […]

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Exploding a-cigarettes, Exploding Vapers and Vaping Accidents

Vaping devices have been known to explode or over heat causing burns and other injuries.  The injuries can be serious: One man had suffered burns inside his lungs (read story) there are reports of injuries to teeth and tongues as well as fire damage caused by fires whilst the device is in a pocket. This may be due […]

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