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Author:Nick Bettridge

Check your legal fees by calling Sentinels Solicitors

A Success Fee is the money your solicitor usually takes from your compensation at the end of your claim. In personal injury claims it cannot be more than 25% of your compensation but in many cases it need not even by that much. Many solicitors take 25% of your compensation (also known as damages) automatically.  […]

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Dermatitis claims

Have you got a rash from working with chemicals or other substances? If so, you may have a claim for dermatitis or other condition.  We have had many clients who suffered dermatitis whilst working in the fibreglass industry. We have pursued successful claims against PPG Industries (UK) Ltd whose Wigan factory has now been taken […]

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Personal Injury Claims Without Unfair Deductions

You have had the misfortune to suffer an injury or industrial disease (eg noise induced deafness, vibration white finger or dermatitis) but want a solicitor who will get the best result for you AND not take too much of your compensation. Rest easy that Sentinels Solicitors provides a friendly, efficient and expert service – Senior […]

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Energy Contracts -Small Business Disputes

Consumers have many websites that search for energy deals (electricity or gas) for the best one and consumer protection laws to protect them if it goes wrong. Businesses don’t have it so easy.  As a result, Businesses often have to use a broker or “third party intermediary” to search the market and negotiate terms for […]

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Harlequin Property Investment Misselling

Harlequin Group Harlequin Group offered investors the chance to invest in properties abroad.  Investments were often missold as they were unsuitable for the investors’ attitude to risk and hundreds of investors lost money. The investments were at best high risk and not easily transferred or cashed in and so were unsuitable for most customers and […]

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Cycling accidents caused by tram tracks

As a cyclist there are many obstacles to contend with on the roads.  Something I have come across is the hazard caused by tram tracks. There are 2 obvious hazards: 1. the slipping hazard caused by the smooth material of the track and any surrounding track bedding on which tyres can slip due to the […]

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Burgess Williams Financial Management Limited, La Perla No. 1, AIS

We have represented several clients who were given inappropriate investment advice by this independent financial advisor (Paul Chandler and his colleagues). The investments have often been in property schemes abroad that have not performed as promised and cannot then be sold or cashed in. Investments we have seen that have been held to be inappropriate […]

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IMPORTANT NOTICE From April 2020 the government are changing the law relating to personal injury claims in a BIG way. Whiplash reform “Whiplash injury” means a sprain, strain, tear or rupture of one or more of the muscles, tendons or ligaments in the neck or back which has been caused by the backward or forward […]

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Leasehold problems

For most people the biggest financial purchase is a house.  Many people who believe they have bought the house they live in actually only own the leasehold. Leases are a form of ownership but not the same as owning the freehold. Owning the freehold is owning the building and the land it is built on.  […]

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Injuries from fibreglass – burns and embedded fibres

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