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Many British Airways flights were cancelled and others suffered long delays last weekend following a major IT failure.

Hundreds of flights out of Gatwick and Heathrow being cancelled or delayed.British Airways Flight Cancellation Claims

All passengers affected should be entitled to claim for financial loss and compensation.

If your flight was delayed or cancelled have been unfortunate enough to be affected you may be able to claim:

  1. the refund of your ticket price (if it was cancelled);
  2. any additional overnight hotel and food expense;
  3. any additional travel expense;
  4. compensation under the EU flight delay regulation (261/2004), the amount of this compensation will depend on the distance of your booked flight;
  5. you may also be entitled to claim for a wasted holiday or spoiled holiday.

If you were kept waiting for over 3 hours or your flight was cancelled you should be able to claim.

Each member of your party who had a seat booked is entitled to claim (this includes children even if they did not have their own seat – provided they paid something for their travel ie did not get to travel for free).

How do I claim compensation for British Airways flight delay and cancellation?

You can do this yourself or you can ask us to make your claim for you.  We will need details of the people travelling, copies of the booking confirmation and tickets, details of any expenses including amounts and copies of any receipts if possible.

BA have signed up to an alternative dispute resolution service operated by CEDR (the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution).  This is a free service if CEDR find in your favour.  It is done on paper or by email/online and is generally faster and easier than going to the small claims court.  If your claim fails there is a £25 admin charge and you are still able to pursue your claim in court.

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