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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Court rules 6 years for flight delay claims NOT the 2 years in the contract terms

In Goel and Trivedi v Ryanair, Ryanair tried to argue that their terms and conditions limited any claims for flight delay compensation to 2 years from the date of the flight.  This was held to be valid in a county court decision but when that was appealed, Manchester High Court ruled that the 2 year contractual limit was not lawful and the passengers were allowed 6 years to bring their claim.

Ryanair have apparently indicated they intend to appeal this decision again so we shall see.

It does seem unfair that the law provides a 6 year time limit for breach of contract (which the delayed flight is) and furthermore that previous decisions have confirmed this 6 year limit but the airlines have tried to use contractual terms to limit this.  This recent decision will be helpful in persuading courts that the 2 year contractual limits should not be enforceable.

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