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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Don’t let your claim be “traded” between claims management companies and others

There are lots of adverts for injuries both on television, radio and cold callers and a clear business has built up around gathering YOUR these details and selling them on to other claims management companies or solicitors.

You may be told you HAVE to use a particular firm of solicitors with which the claims management company has an agreement.  THIS IS WRONG. 


You have no control over who your details are passed to or who is going to deal with your claim.  Worse still this could cause delay or even damage to your claim.

Take control of your claim now and instruct a solicitor directly. If necessary you can withdraw your details from the claims management company.


If you call me (Nick) I will listen to your claim details and give you my initial view on whether your claim is worth pursuing further. I (and my colleague Vicky) are senior solicitors and will be handling your claim ourselves.

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Have you been injured whilst using gym equipment?

Gyms ought to carry out an induction when you first join.  You may have signed an agreement which includes small print that seeks to exclude any liability for injuries, however, such exclusion clauses are not enforceable by the gym so they are meaningless.

However, injuries can still occur even if you have been using the gym properly.  The equipment may be faulty or in need of repair whether this is the multi-gym weights machine, treadmill, cross trainer or rowing machine.

Recently the husband of a senior Facebook executive died when he fell from a treadmill, he was thrown backwards and hit his head on an object.  Whilst he might have fallen due to inattention or maybe he was running to exhaustion and collapsed with fatigue the gym could have done more to ensure his safety.  There is an obvious risk of being thrown off the back of the treadmill particularly if it is moving at speed.  The sensible and prudent gym ought to ensure that there is a soft landing without obvious hazards or sharp objects into which gym users might tumble.  They also may need to ensure users wear a “kill switch” which stops the treadmill if the cord is pulled.

If you have suffered an injury using a gym and are not sure whether you may be entitled to claim compensation call Nick for a free initial assessment over the telephone 01925 759 510 or fill in the enquiry form at the side of this page.

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