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Monthly Archives: April 2015

I have been bitten by a dog whilst out canvassing for the election

You may not have been out canvassing, although this Election has seen more than 1 candidate being bitten by a home owners’ dog, but if you have visited someone’s house, whether to post a letter or knock on their door and have been bitten by their dog you are entitled to claim for the injuries suffered […]

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Section 75 and 75A Consumer Credit Act Claims

Section 75 If you have bought goods or services for between £100 and £30,000 and paid for any part of the purchase price on your credit card the credit card company is jointly liable for the whole purchase price if the supplier goes bust or otherwise fails to deliver what you agreed to buy. You do […]

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I logged my claim with a claims management company and nothing has happened

Claims Management Companies (CMCs) are organisations that are simply there to advertise for your claim, they would then take your details and possibly also some details of your claim and try and sell these details on to firms of solicitors who would then represent you in that claim.  They are not solicitors and are unlikely to […]

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