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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Fairground ride injuries

Fairgrounds are full of machinery that can cause significant injury or even be fatal.  Whilst no one wants to spoil anyone’s fun or enjoyment of a day out with unnecessary “elf and safety” (health and safety as some detractors like to say) a serious accident would certainly spoil the fun and could have long term […]

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Bakery company and directors plead guilty for allowing workers to be baked alive

Leicester Crown Court heard that in 1998 two maintenance engineers had been sent in to carry out repairs to an oven that had only 2 hours earlier had been baking bread at 260 degrees. Apparently the oven should have been left for at least 12 hours to cool and access could have been obtained by […]

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Injured or killed by reversing and turning lorries

Large vehicles should take appropriate care when reversing and serious injury or death can result when they don’t as these examples illustrate, where on 2 separate occasions a dustbin lorry reversed into pedestrians causing fatal injuries.  The driver was guilty of causing death by dangerous driving in both cases.  The local council was fined £120,000 […]

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Have a dispute but don’t want to go to court?

If you have a dispute and are either owed money, goods or services or to just put “things right” if you have had a poor service or product but don’t want to go to court with the uncertainty over how long it will take or how much it will cost, there are alternatives. Sentinels Solicitors […]

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Disputes with your bank or insurance company

If you have a disagreement with your bank or insurance company you should first contact that bank or insurance company setting out your complaint.  They should have a process for dealing with customer complaints.  This could be on their website or in there terms and conditions (usually near the end) which should be on their […]

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Noise Induced Hearing Loss in the Food and Drink Industry

Exposure to noise at work can cause irreversible hearing damage. It is one of the commonest health problems and can be difficult to detect as the effects build up gradually over time. Lots of food and drink industries have processes which emit high noise levels which can damage your hearing. This could be in the […]

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