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Falling from height whilst working on ladders, roofs or scaffold is all too common and the injuries can be serious and sometimes fatal.  The construction industry and ancillary trades often require workers to work at height.

Employers have strict obligations to ensure the safety of their workforce even if the work is “off site” which is often is in construction projects.  There are regularly reports in the press about accidents where workers have fallen through roof lights or weak spots on a roof and where the businesses involved have been prosecuted and fined by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

The following link details the case of a plasterer who fell 3 metres whilst working on a Cheshire property injuring his back, hips and legs.  The principal contractor on site was fined by the Health and Safety Executive for failing to provide adequate guard rails on the landing where the plasterer was working.

 Plasterer breaks back in fall

In another incident an engineer fell whilst fitting a ventilation and extraction system when using a ladder which fell from under him.  He suffered fractures to his back and chest bone.

Engineer fractures spine in ladder fall

The HSE can fine businesses who fail to take steps to protect their workers even before accidents happen.  The sorts of protection that should be offered are adequate guard rails on scaffold and roofs and safety harnesses.

If you have been injured in a fall please do not hesitate to contact Nick at Sentinels Solicitors for free expert advice on 01925 759 510 or by filling in the contact form on this page.

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